Julia Louis-Dreyfus by Leslie Hassler

October 15, 2012

Julia Louis Dreyfus by Leslie Hassler

Julia Louis-Dreyfus by Leslie Hassler

So I photographed Julia Louis-Dreyfus last month which was amazing. She let me do whatever I wanted so I had the hairdresser  pin daisies in her hair, I gave her a hat, and she was game to try it all. I adore her and when she admired my bracelet from Argentina, I gave it to her…I guess I just felt good knowing she’s wearing my bracelet.  When I took it off and handed it to her, she went “get out!” seriously?” I thought she was going to shove me and knock me down like she did to Jerry on Seinfeld. Her show Veep is hilarious and now she’s won the Emmy! 


One Response to “Julia Louis-Dreyfus by Leslie Hassler”

  1. Roosvelt1299 Says:

    Julia is so HOT!!

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