Melissa Leo

Melissa Leo by Leslie Hassler

Portrait by Leslie Hassler

Melissa Leo won The Golden Globe last night for best supporting actress in The Fighter and I thought she was great! She was here at my studio and was such a warm, beautiful person. And sooo smart. She’s a huge talent and extremely grounded. I’m so happy she won!


Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum by Leslie Hassler

Portrait by Leslie Hassler


Emmy Rossum is on the new show Shameless on Showtime with William H. Macy. She’s absolutely gorgeous and amazingly fun to photograph. This is my Grandmother’s dress from her collection of vintage clothes and her top hat which I found in her attic. More pictures to follow on my website, I wish I could post them all!

Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal by Leslie Hassler

Portrait by Leslie Hassler

I love this picture of Gael Garcia Bernal because it looks like you can peer into his soul. He was staying at The Hudson Hotel and we did this picture in the courtyard which is covered in Moroccan pillows. I love his eyes in this picture. Very warm and mysterious. He is charming, self-deprecating and a sweet guy. His movie with Diego Luna and Will Ferrell comes out in 2011 called Casa De Mi Padre.

Tori and Jack

Tori and Jack by Leslie Hassler

Portrait by Leslie Hassler

This is one of my favorite pictures from a shoot we did at a farm in New Jersey. We drove an hour, six of us crammed in to the Land Rover. Tori, Jack, Helen, Deanna, Camila and me. It turned out to be a fantastic shoot and a lot of fun. To see more from this shoot, go to:




Diego Luna by Leslie Hassler

Portrait by Leslie Hassler

I’ve had a crush on Diego Luna since seeing him in Y tu Mama Tambien and I was so excited to photograph him this weekend with his best friend Gael Garcia Bernal! He is in town to promote his new film Revolucion. The film is directed by 10 Mexican directors, including Diego who are examining their homeland 100 years after the Mexican Revolution.


Giancarlo Esposito by Leslie Hassler

Portrait by Leslie Hassler

I photographed Giancarlo Esposito last week and I’ve been obsessed with the series he’s in called Breaking Bad. Watched every episode twice, basically. It’s an obsession. Anyway! He is such a sweetheart in person and on the show he plays the evil head of the Meth ring with the chicken restaurants as his “cover” He was such a nice guy, into Jazz and hats and laughing during the shoot. I kept saying: “no one will recognize you in these pictures!” He would do his “Breaking Bad” character by dropping ALL expression completely and it was scary! I can’t wait for season 4 to see more of him, what a cool guy.


Ezra Miller by Leslie Hassler

Ezra Miller photographed by Leslie Hassler

Ezra Miller walked in recently with the cast and director of Beware the Gonzo. This was the second time I shot him and he has really grown up! In walked this lanky, sexy rocker with red pants and I just can’t believe how beautiful he has become!