William H. Macy

William H. Macy by Leslie Hassler

portrait by Leslie Hassler

I have loved Bill Macy’s acting since seeing him as Jerry Lundegaard, the car salesman who hires Steve Buscemi to kidnap his wife in the Coen Brothers movie Fargo. Now he is on the hit Showtime series Shameless. He was shooting with me the other day here at my studio and the stylist had brought a few clothes. Instead, I pulled some of Miguel’s clothes out of his closet and dressed Macy myself. When Miguel got home and saw Bill hamming it up for the camera, he said, “Hey those are my clothes!” and Bill said “Yea, I checked all of your pockets and you’re out of Vicodin.”  At the end of the shoot when Bill gave me his email address,  I said sarcastically, “AOL?” and he goes, “Well, you still drive a Land Rover.”


Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum by Leslie Hassler

Portrait by Leslie Hassler


Emmy Rossum is on the new show Shameless on Showtime with William H. Macy. She’s absolutely gorgeous and amazingly fun to photograph. This is my Grandmother’s dress from her collection of vintage clothes and her top hat which I found in her attic. More pictures to follow on my website, I wish I could post them all!